Thursday 3 January 2008


SNEGUROCHKA, the Russian Snow Maiden is the daughter of Father Frost and Mother Spring. The legend tells that she became more beautiful with each day she grew, and her parents realised that she was becoming a young woman who they could not keep secluded from the world for ever.

Snegurochka is allowed to explore the world and comes to meet new people and young men who fall in love with her. However, as long as she remains in the forest, its spirit protects her from Yarilo, the sun god, and her suitors cannot find her. Eventually, Mother Spring gives her a Love Wreath made from flowers, knowing with both sadness and delight that it would warm up her cold heart. Snegurochka is then able to fall in love and spends one happy evening with her sweetheart, singing and dancing. But she knows that with the first rays of the sun god in the morning she will melt away and be gone.

Illustration: drypoint etching


layne (herman) said...

If i understand correctly, in the Russian tradition Snegurochka assists Dede Moroz in his Christmas rounds. I had never hear of her until this year (er... the end of last year.)

You might enjoy reading some of Vara's posts about Snegurochka and Dede Moroz on her blog located at:

JULIE ♥ ADORE said...

are you Russian?

Olga R. said...

Ask at russian - at me - about Snegurochka(Снегурочка).
I will tell more.