Friday 11 January 2008

A Busy Nest

THE HERMITAGE nest is very busy at the moment ...

there are sketchings and paintings
and musical arrangings
and animation-plannings
and drivings in van-ings
and recordings of soundings
and coffee aboundings
and readings and writings
and staying-up-all-nightings

So while we are busy with all that, I leave you with yet another black-and-whitey snowy picture!


Willow said...

and imaginings of what it will look like in summer

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, we share the love for stop animation. You've made a fantastic job of the one for Polly Paulusma. I've never made one myself but I just love that atmosphere they conjure up. I look forward to the new one you're working on! :)

Erica-Jane said...


Wow, I've missed so much.
Your home looks so cosy, and those sketches you did are just fascinating.

I'm jealous of your snow!
Send some here...pleeeease! (although not around the beginning of February, as I'll need to get to the hospital to have my baby! hee hee!).

Keep toasty!


AC said...

Sounds busy but fun!!!
Take care,
Alison x
P.S. I simply loved the print and calender. I have then in my work area so that I can see them everyday.

Elizabeth said...

Looks so wonderful.
Utterly beautiful..........and COLD.
The arbaic - or local dialect word for cold is
burrrrrrrt - a rolled r
Doesn't that sound onomatopoeic?

Sandra Evertson said...

Your artwork is Breathtaking!
Love your style!
Sandra Evertson