Saturday 27 October 2007

An Old New Tale and the beginning of its Telling

OME TALES wait shy until they tell themselves..
and this is one of them.

It has sat long time in the corner of a tree with a whistle on its lips and thoughts on its shoulders whispering to me quietly and sometimes loudly.

I am not sure when it began, but today it seems to have given me its hand and a book of pages and here it is for you .. to smile to.

Some folk may have heard it first here ~ this Hermit's house, this Sanctuary for Strangeness.

I will be here from time to time and show you things on my journey, which has taken me from the Hermitage to the hills of Scotland and the love of a man who is beautiful and whose interesting path happily crossed mine a short while ago and a long age ago. This tale is ours and it will be fun in the telling .. because we have much travelling and much making of beautiful things to do.

You are welcome along.

Stories are the most important thing...