Thursday 31 January 2008

Bees in a Blizzard & Dripping Pianos

TODAY I SIT at my desk looking out at a blizzard of wild sideways-swirling-snows and paint bees and gnarled trees for an album cover commission ...

Meanwhile Tui has been sneaking into the village hall across the way where they keep an old piano in the men's toilets ... he hid his recording device inside the back of the piano whilst he played to the sound of cisterns refilling and dripping taps.


Debbie Schramer said...

My husband and I have admired and enjoyed your incredible art for a long time. You have such amazing talent and imagination!! Your blog is so interesting, too. I know we will visit often.
We are artists, too and are inspired by beauty, gentleness and mystery as well. I hope you'll visit our websites and blogs. Thank you for sharing such unique beauty in your wonderful art!!
Debbie and Mike

AC said...

looking forward to seeing some bees and gnarled trees:-)
Take care,
Alison x

Chris.P said...

Hi Rima,
I just love the windswept hawthorne trees here on the coast of Cornwall. They are fantastic natural sculptures.

Driving home at dusk I often see a solitary Crow on a gnarled hawthorne tree, silhouetted against a red sky.

tlchang said...

How nice to get a peek at *your* desk and see you working. (The gnarled trees are great).