Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Hermitage 2015 Calendar

THE HERMITAGE 2015 CALENDAR IS HERE! This year, my calendar is bigger (by popular demand) - there's more room to write in the days' doings. And it contains some never-before seen paintings! As before, the old English full and dark moons (for UK & US) are marked and named (Wolf Moon, Harvest Moon, Blood Moon, Egg Moon, Flower Moon...), and the solstices, equinoxes, and quarter festivals are in there too. The whole beautiful calendrical layout has been done marvellously by Tom, and we're having them printed again at the excellent Footprint Workers' Coop in Leeds, on 100% recycled paper, and featuring a riso-printed front and back cover. I think you'll love this one even more than last year's, so I urge you to grab one whilst you still can! As you'll remember from last year, these sold out super-fast, many people missed out, and I had to do three print runs. This time, my calendar is only available (for now) as a perk in the wonderful caravan that is our Hedgespoken Campaign! Ordering one this way counts as a pre-order which we'll post out at the end of November. I may be selling some after the crowdfunder is over, but those I can't guarantee will reach you by Christmas. For only £30, you get this unique and artful calendar (postage included), and you get to support the making of our travelling dream! Roll up! Click here to claim yours now!


thewiildmagnola said...

so sorry everyone cannot purchase.

Heidi Brooks said...

beautiful...I can't wait!

Rima Staines said...

Sandra - everyone CAN purchase the calendar - it's just available through the indiegogo site instead of etsy... click away and order one! :) HERE

rossichka said...

A real treasure! A calendar for 365 days, but a collection of your paintings forever!:)
Good luck with the exhibition, Rima! Oh, it promises to be a very special and unforgettable experience - for the public and for you, the artists! Thank you for introducing us the creative world of everyone. You really have a lot of common.
I am just wondering why "The Alchemist" is written in Russian!:)
Have a wonderful and inspiring autumn!

Bedford Gypsy said...

I can't wait to receive mine, do you send them all out in December? I'm so glad to hear that the fundraising is going so well, I hope you reach your goal . Have you started work on your truck yet?