Sunday 15 June 2008

Orla Wren Films

ORLA WREN as you may or may not know is the name of the beautiful music that Tui makes.
Indeed, his second album, The One Two Bird And The Half Horse, the making of which took him through two years, around tender sounds, over hoorays and in and out of sorrows, is now complete and ready to whisper into ears far and near, and an astonishingly beautifully crafted creation it is. I am full of admiration for this work that I have seen in its birthing, and I will write more about this one day soon when this music is available to be heard, and glad the world's ears will be then.

In the meantime... we are making films for the music. My cut-out wonky-handmade stop-frame animation will be for one track - The Fish & The Doll, and it is emerging slowly up in the animation attic day by day. Another film is just about ready, made by Tui for the last track The First Born Daughter of Water from little pieces of film from my childhood.

Here you can see some tiny snippets of stills from the first scenes of the animation and stills from Tui's film where layers of inklings of glimpses of my younger days are merged delicately to compliment the music.

We would like to ask if any folks out there might have some old footage that they would be happy to send us to be used in a similar way. A unique collection of hints of people's stories would be woven together to make a wonderful film or two to go hand in hand with this music. Please drop a word to if you can help. Thanks muchly.


Tess Kincaid said...

Fascinating, Rima. I enjoyed Tui's wonderful site, too.

d. moll, said...

It all seems strangely evocative of something i think I'd forgotten but actually never knew....Waiting to see that animation, certainly.

Elizabeth said...

I love the strange, magic world you create.
Somewhere or other, my brother has cine film for the 1950's which I have been writing about.
We were both adopted children and grew up in a rather wonderful place - an old gamekeeper's cottage on an old Estate in Essex.
Are we all haunted by our childhoods?
all best

Shelley Noble said...

No one I know puts things more beautifully than you, Rima. How exciting to see these snippits of the films.

Unknown said...

Rima, this is my first time visiting. Yes, you do have a magical and lyrical way of putting things. I love it. What a fun blog. It sounds like we may share some interests like stories and puppetry.

Best to you,
Melissa Kojima
Artist in LA LA Land

Ciara Brehony said...

Rima, this looks incredible! I just love anything about nostalgic childhood.
Ok, I'm off to see Tui now!

C x

Ps. Have you seen this amazing magical blog?

I thought of you... :-)

Paula Bowles said...

fantastic! and very pretty, intricate and absorbing music, Orla :o)

Raluca said...

this is so sad i don´t have any old footage,I would have loved to send it to you.Hope the final result of ''First...daughter of the water''(what a magical name!!) will be available for pubic admiration soon:))Congrats to you and Tui for all this special things you make!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

My first time here and I just love it! I will return!

Morag Lloyds said...

My first visit fantastic work ..I will be back. Would you mind if I put a link to you from my blog?

Pattern Patisserie said...

Hi Rima,
Thanks for your wonderful, curious, winsome, delightful and interesting gallimaufry blog. I love your pencil drawings of the wee mousey! You may be interested in the Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta, a beautiful combination of calligraphy and divine illustration, the J. Paul Getty Museum owns the original and has published some small books from it including 'Nature Illuminated"...but you may well already know of these. Keep up the wondrous and otherwordly work.
Thank you,
May I put a link on my blog to yours?