Wednesday 19 March 2008

Leg Wheel & Jew Harp

A BENT AND STRANGE GIRL with legs inspired by my words in the previous post...
that perhaps one day my legs might curl up into a circle and grow spokes.
She is my new painting, made with watercolour and pencil and a quote by Sir Francis Bacon:

There is no excellent beauty
that hath not
some strangeness
in the proportion.

Sir Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626)

This I believe very strong.
I love and see best all those who are broken-strange, crooked inside and out.

And while I write I listen to the most heart wrenching music: A Harvest, A Shepherd, A Bride ~ Village Music of Bulgaria. Wonderful recordings made over 30 years ago ... a delight of haunting, stark and rich acapella voices of Bulgarian women alongside traditional folk instruments of the region like the kaval flute and the gaida ~ a bagpipe made from a goat.
Go and listen to these songs ... they will take hold of your heart and place it on top of a mountain.

PS. If you like her .. you can have her on your wall ... here :)


Unknown said...

Wonderful. You pull off the tight wire of beauty and the grotesque so well. The quote is great too.

G3T Films said...

Ah Rima, cool pic. That Pece Atanasovski gajda piece is great too. I've been listening to a lot of Russian stuff at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the music, it certainly does transport you to a mystical far off land.
I'm worried about how those wheels will turn - will it hurt? It's a wonderful drawing.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for popping over to my blog! Your work is amazing:o)!!

virtual nexus said...

Like the way that the idea in the earlier post became such a distinctive image; thanks for the music links!

Sherry said...

Unfortunately, the music doesn't seem to be playing with my Mac, but I just wanted to say that in Northern Spain, they have the "gaita" which is also like the bagpipes.

The similarity in the names struck me.

Fiske said...


I found your blog from Diana Sudyka's tiny aviary. Enchanting!



Anonymous said...

I found your Blog from Notes from Halfland, I knew I'd like you blog cause we have similarintrests in Fairy and Folk Tales. Your Animation Attic is Enchanting and looks really Cosy. I'm glad you like Blood Tea and Red String it is one of my Favorites!


Tess Kincaid said...

We saw a bagpipes made from a goat, played by a member of a Polish dance company here a few years back. I had no idea they were called gaita! They do look a little odd! My husband has a set of regular pipes that he pulls out for family gatherings.

Morna Crites-Moore said...

What a wonderful picture and I love the quote. I too like things that have some "strangeness" - or maybe some worn out piece or broken part. Is it a little crippled? Somewhat deformed? Is it "different?" It is beautiful. Different is good. Thank you for your incredible art. - Morna

Ulla said...

Wonderful painting Rima - there are those 'wheels' again! And nothing stirs the heart more than genuine folk music! Sorry about my link being cut off last time I commented... If you read my Interview on Art Esprit,

under my childhood you'll see the similarities we share! I am so grateful for our conversations - you inspire me to find 'wheels' again!!!

Anonymous said...

oh Rima!! your new painting is the new favorite. that quote couldn't be more perfect, i think that's what draws me to your enchanting world...and inspires me to no end. such a talent you are!!

p.s. do you really travel by donkey to the post? or perhaps i am too tired and sleep deprived to get the humor!!

Anonymous said...

This is very good, I like your work. Kind of reminds me to Brian Froud's "Master Snickup's Cloak".

Vladimir Markov said...

Hi Rimma
I found your blog some days ago and I keep reading it every day. It's very interesting for me, you are really gifted person! Thank you for your painting and other projects. I especially like this Leg Wheel and Jew Harp. I ply this instrument and this add impression to the painting!
Vladimir form Siberia,Russia