Wednesday 13 February 2008

Stones & Bones

RABBIT SKULLS with long curled hollow grass-chomping teeth and little delicate snap-whispers of leg bones can be found lying all over the mossy grassy heather hills here. Our walk today took us three miles over and round and back again... in the sun past sitting grouse who lumber-flap and chatter out of the heather as we pass. And these below are what I put in my pocket to take home.


Anonymous said...

oooo lovely - just like a Svankmajer animation! :)

Joanna said...

They are rather fasinating.

Jo James said...

Hi Rima.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.I remember you from Etsy too. And I LOVE your stuff, chock full of fairy tale goodness.
So glad I found your little corner of the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Again Rima, I've just been to look at your web-site. I want to live there! I love the way the light comes on in each room and the lovely warm colours. It's a wonderful showcase for your work you're so very talented. :)

Annie Patterson said...

How cool! I bet it was a beautiful walk.

tlchang said...

What fun finds! At first glance these black and white photos looked to contain skulls and *brains*. :-) (The rocks are much nicer).

Your walks are so much more interesting than mine.