Sunday 4 November 2007

Warm Windowpanes

WELL ... A small story for this day for you ...

Here it is the time of tree branches against cold skies which I love best and looking in through warm windowpanes
and wondering
and making fires
and things

You can have a look into our warm windowpane
and wonder what we have been making ...

I have made paintings and drawings and played my accordion for Tui... who has woven wonderful things around it.

Now this night we have made potatoes and a fire and will settle down for the evening, perhaps in a book or a film where we will make imaginations and wander and wonder off away somewhere and not somewhere.

Tomorrow I will paint a new picture which is secret.


Gretel said...

Is that THE accordion? Did you get it working? I am very much enjoying you blogging, I knew you would be a natural.

Joanna said...

Your window looks so warm and cosy. Your work and blog are enchanting.