Wednesday 15 February 2017

Correspondence from the far off land of motherhood in a travelling theatre

Dear friends and longtime followers of this blog, which I began nearly a decade ago... It has been very quiet here, and I am sorry: it appears that raising a little one whilst building a travelling theatre is quite time consuming!
I have, however, written over at the Hedgespoken blog about our year just gone, and all the stories therein. Please do go and have a read, there are photos galore and more. And I will write again here, before too long, I hope.
Be well in these strange days, friends afar, I send you warm greetings from the winter hedgerows.


  1. Congratulations all around!

  2. I follow over there, but it is great fun to see you here as well. You've been missed here. :)

    I wish all good for you and for yours.

  3. it's lovely to see you pop in here again! motherhood is indeed all-consuming, and traveling life must make internet access more complicated. wishing you the best, as always!

  4. This is so great that you returned : )
    good luck to your wheels and the small legs of your little one : )

  5. Anything you write is just fine, I appreciate that you took the time, I know it's pretty difficult to upload something while you must watch your family. Take care Rima and know that no matter what you have our hearts and respect, we'll follow this hermitage and you even when our heads turn white. Blessings!

  6. How wonderful to see you briefly back here, and to read of your adventures over on Hedgespoken. All respect to you and your little travelling family, you are doing a marvellous thing and I hope the dream carries you onwards x

  7. I stumbled across this lovely place several weeks ago and have been steadily devouring your posts in reverse order... I'm so glad that you wrote here again! Warmest hugs for you and your lovely family.




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